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Maximize jogging, Weight Ginta Down 8 Kg in 2 months

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Maximize jogging, Weight Ginta Down 8 Kg in 2 months

Bekasi-has the height 163 cm, Ginta Febryana Ramadhani (19) admitted not sure myself because his weight reaching 56 kg. Baju-bajunya feel cramped and tight time worn. Since that time, he took the decision to regularly jog. With the exception of jogging, he's also overhauling diets so much healthier. As a result, the weight of the girl's birth, February 20, 1995 also successfully dropped so 48 kg span two MTHS. only. The talks at the detikHealth about Ginta's story experience to diet, such as written on Thursday (23/10/2014): in the past I felt so sure of myself because my body shape grew fat. Time select clothes rasa-rasanya nobody fit again, all look so tight on the body. Each view of a mirror, I always think of when my less than ideal body shape. The arms appear greater, jeans many yg won't fit, cheeks makin tembem, if the having to climb the stairs at the University of rasa-rasanya very quickly tired. In the end in the middle of the month. June then I expanding the number to lose weight. I used the pattern for a jog around an hour in the morning and the afternoon. If I were never to jog, I simply do aerobic gymnastics at home by downloading a video tutorial on the website YouTube. My diets for each wake up constantly drinking plain water, followed by brunch (breakfast + lunch) around 11 lunch with rice and reduce the growing number of vegetable consumption. That night I eat between Maghrib and ' Isha ' when with vegetable consumption only. In the night feeling hungry, drinking enough fresh water or tea. The pattern that I am working on all the 2 MTHS ... Awalannya is so hard to do the diet. But from a regular jog I felt healthier Bodies and respiratory can train race times. In the past just being able to run short distances, but at this time I was able to run around 3 km. heavy Alhamdullilah I also go down as well as relatively stable. Colleagues at the University also claims to be the turn of my body shape and no doubt I'm more sure of myself. Shirts that used to feel cramped when it also so fit. To protect the Agency's current form, I have a commitment to keep sustained jogging a minimum 2 times a week. Basically that is the willingness of the inside as well as sustainable on what we've started. Think if exercise makes a healthier Body weight can go down as well as IE bonus. Congratulations on a diet. (ajg/vit)


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