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Calculating Calories Not Ensure Success Diet

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Calculating Calories Not Ensure Success Diet
           Although one is able to accurately calculate calories, counting calories is not enough to help in weight loss or prevention of disease.
"Since the diet program is increasingly popular, many food experts who describe the list of nutrients and calories as a guide to eating dieters. Unfortunately, in mathematics, counting calories can not be done accurately, "said Dr. Marion Nestle, professor of food and nutrition at New York University who is also the author of Why Calories Count.
According to Nestle, the number of calories listed on the nutrition label on food packaging is not an accurate number. In fact, according to the FDA, the calorie values ​​on packaged foods is actually 20% higher than that seen on the label. So that when someone tries to calculate the number of calories into their bodies, first calculate the number of calories out, it was almost impossible.
In addition to being complicated by the math, many nutrition researchers now believe that counting calories is not something that needs to be done when you want to lose weight. Because it really is not all bad calories. Unfortunately, the calories are already regarded as a bad thing that could derail the diet.
Dr. Robert Lustig, director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at the University of California said, "When you come to our clinic and saying the word" calorie ", then we will drive you out."
Lustig and other experts agree, dieters are too preoccupied with the quantity of food, but that should be the focus of the qualities of each food chosen. Therefore, different foods will be metabolized differently by the body, absorbed differently, converted into fat or a different energy, and increase or decrease the risk of different diseases.
"By looking at the quality of calories, then we will see what effect that will result from eating certain foods, whether the effect of gain or lose body fat," said Dr. Walter Willett, pemimpim department of nutrition at Harvard University.
Willet pointed out, carbohydrates contained in snacks, packaging products, especially food and drinks that contain lots of sugar triggers insulin response is negative, thus increasing reserves of body fat and make weight gain. In other words, the food was able to increase the production of insulin, is the main source of fat.
"At the same time, fresh food with the actual number of calories more, such as nuts, avocados, chocolate, and even chicken thigh, will be digested more slowly so it does not cause insulin spikes that means. This can be a healthy snack for dieters, "added Willet.
The point is, stop to count calories. Begin to see the effect of each of the foods we eat to the body if it wants an effective weight loss.

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